Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Madison House

We arrived in Madison, WI on February 28, 2010. Our furniture arrived on March 1. It was about 40 degrees outside that day. The first thing the movers did was to open all the doors (well, two of them) and lay down cardboard and other stuff to protect the floor. Why do I mention this?

Because with all that stuff on the floors, the doors did not close
therefore, stayed open for the whole 6-7 hours it took to unload. By the time they were finally done and the doors were closed, the thermostat read about 45 degrees inside the house. It was so cold and WE were so cold. There was simply no place to go to get warm. Some of the bedrooms were a little warmer if we kept the doors closed and that helped.

So as you may have surmised from reading between the lines of the last paragraph, we had a LOT of stuff. I'm proud to emphasize "had". We had a very successful garage sale, some success on "Craig's List" and several fully loaded trips to Goodwill. And there's STILL more
to cull, but we're getting close now.

We've got new hardwood floors, new paint everywhere, a completely brand new kitchen, a new family room, office and powder room in the basement, new paint on the front of the house, new windows and door, new furniture, and that's all I
can remember right now.

I've included some "before and after" pics which I think are
self-explanatory. So I guess it's time to start living now.
We've gotten involved in a few social things which I'll expound

further on in future blogs.

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