Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner

It started out so nice and quiet.
Then it got louder . . .

We were in an upscale restaurant connected to Hilton in downtown Madison. It was almost empty; charming unpretentious decor. We were allowed to select our own table. We ordered drinks and our meal --- all the food was fantastic, but very fattening.

About halfway through dinner Tim and Molly started talking about politics/religion/and other super intellectual stuff. While I'm intelligent enough to follow their conversation, I don't fancy myself informed enough to participate. It seemed the longer they talked, the louder they got. Of course by this time, there were a few other people in the room and I was concerned about the volume.

I was happy they were enjoying their conversation, but also happy to finally leave. Besides that I ate too much butter and garlic so I needed to walk a bit. So that's our Sunday dinner. It was all I'd hoped -- if only we'd had the restaurant ALL to ourselves.

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