Monday, August 17, 2009

Social Security

12:26 P.M. I'm sitting on hold with the Social Security Office. My wait is "greater than 10 minutes". It took forever to get to this "holding" position. All I want to know is why my husband's check hasn't arrived yet.

Since my last post, I've been to physical therapy (for my shoulders) and feel good after that. Then I went to brunch at Panera and spent a lot of time reading my book. It's a good one, "Mayday" by Nelson DeMille--a real page turner. After brunch I stopped at the grocery store for some meat for the week. I came home to pay some bills, but now I find the SS check has not been deposited. More waiting. Oh, and my realtor called and left a message that she'd call later.. I don't want to talk to her--it's just too depressing. All I want to hear from her is "We have a buyer for your house!"

Now it's 12:38 and I'm still on hold. So I'll post more later.

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