Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Jersey vs. Wisconsin

For the past 28 years New Jersey has been my home. It's been good. I made lots of good friends at my church. I played viola with a fairly good local orchestra. I've seen over 25 Broadway shows. I've traveled extensively up and down the Eastern coast. Yes, it's been good.

And yet, I can't wait to move back to Wisconsin. My friends at church are sick of hearing me say this. I don't mean to belittle my friendship with them. I will miss them horribly. But I have missed my family for the past 28 years. I've seen my favorite uncles and aunts way, way too little. And I hardly even know my cousins anymore. I have other good friends in Wisconsin I've even stopped writing to whom I'm hoping to become friendly with again. And I'm looking forward to exploring more of our country west of the Mississippi.

So I thought I'd include some pictures here from both NJ and WI.

First New Jersey

NJ - This deer just spent a couple of days laying in our backyard.
She wasn't hurt, but we think she may have been pregnant.
She was laying about 10 feet from our back deck.

The Jersey Shore. People flock to it every weekend all summer long.
I like it best in the off-season. The sound of crashing waves
always soothes and strengthens me.

Clinton, NJ. This barn and waterfall scene is one of the most photographed and painted in NJ.

We live in a modern log cabin. The logs are vertical
and the whole interior is the inside of the outside log...so it's all wood.
We decorate the day after Thanksgiving and leave it up
until New Year's Day.

Now Wisconsin

Sheboygan, WI harbor in October. I love being here.

I love Terre Andrae State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan.
I "grew up" here. It was only a half mile from my grandparent's farm.

This is one of the prettiest art museum's I've seen.
It sits on the shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.
The roof has huge wings that open and close. This shows it closed.

This is Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI.
It's one of my favorite places to visit--and it's free!

That's it for now. One day I'll post some pictures from my favorite vacations.

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