Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seriously Intimidated

This happens to me a lot. I get an idea. Then while pursuing it further, I check out what others are doing only to discover others are doing it in such a tremendously grander way. Since I'm just "getting my feet wet" in the blogger world, I did a little looking around at some of the featured blogs.

There is some truly fantastic stuff out there. I feel like a big, old baby just beginning to walk! But...I will persist. As noted in an earlier blog, I'm in waiting mode right now and my life offers nothing more than inactivity. So I WILL actively pursue this blogging thing.
Therefore, I have decided to add some pictures. Some I photographed--well, there will be many of those. Some I "built" on a site called polyvore.com and some are paintings/drawings done by my daughter who uses the pseudonym, imprisoned whimsy.

Let's start with Polyvore. This is a site wherein you can build fashion and interior design pages similar to a catalog or magazine spread. The site provides items for use, but also offers a way to import other items from the web. It's great fun if you are a fashionista or, as in my case, a closet interior designer. It can also be a great morale booster as people can have the option of leaving comments or "liking" your set. So now some of my more popular sets:

I call this one "Southern Comfort". Using this odd assortment of colors, fabric
and texture, I was surprised when 105 polyvorers liked it!

"Feeling Blue?" got 91 hits.

Polyvore Roundtable. This was created for a contest Polyvore ran when
they were looking to design their new office space.
I took 1st Place!!!This fashion set was entered in a tribute contest featuring the designs of Yves St. Laurent.
It took 2nd place, but has over 1100 hits!!! It's been very popular.

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