Saturday, August 29, 2009

Factory Outlet Stores

Their a sham. Yes, I said it. Generally the only people who truly save money at these places are those who already have plenty of money.

It's a lot like gambling. Don't even start if you're not loaded to begin with. You've simply GOT to have money to lose if you expect to gamble on winning. Otherwise it's no fun and there's no point.

Such is the same at the outlets. Sure there are some great bargains. But who can afford them. I mean I'd REALLY like to see these people who can afford to pay a mere $1000 for a $2000 bag. Or ONLY $3500 for a $7000 gown. Even a wallet---yes a wallet---goes for around $200, down from $400!!!

If you walk your legs off enough and visit some of the non-clothing stores, you can actually find a few good bargains. But for clothing, shoes, and accessories there are NO great buys to be found for the common working class person.

So BUYER BEWARE! They're out to get you one way or another.